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WANGA WALK????? Mmg pernah dgr... Tp x pernah g.. Jd g la tgk apa yg best... Sambil2 tue g tgk wayang wayang... Citer Inception.. Best sgt2... Jd dpt la 4/5 :-)

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Koleksi Pics Baby( My Friends Son)

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Anak Niena(Azmina)-Baby Mukhlis
Anak Nina(Raihana)-Baby Haidar
Anak khaty(Baby Auni)
Anak r'da(Baby Awish)

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Assignment Event

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Event management is the application of the management practice of project management to the creation and development of festivals and events. Event management involves studying the intricacies of the brand, identifying the target audience, devising the event concept, planning the logistics and coordinating the technical aspects before actually executing the modalities of the proposed event. For this year 2010, I have to take Event Management Subject (A319SLL). This course is mandatory status. For this subject I need to develop an understanding of the key elements of an event management strategy. This module introduce to the concept of event planning as a project management function. The intended learning outcomes are that on completion of this module and I should be able to :
i)Reflect on my employable competencies and career management skills and plan my future development 
ii)Develop an understanding of international event management strategy and the reasons for success and  failure 
iii)Undertaken research to form a realistic and achievable event plan 
iv)Develop an event management project plan as part of the marketing and public relations function 
vi)Identify the function of sponsorship and celebrity endorsement in event planning 

The subject pass requirements module mark must be at least 40% and Employment Learning Programme (blog) must be 'P'. Composition of module marks (including weighting of components) which is 100% of coursework. To make composition of module marks be 100%, I have choose and select the combination of assignments that total 100 points. The assignments that I have done and will do are :

a)Class Presentation : Question no.7 (30 pts)
For this assignment, need to do in group. In my group have four persons. We have done our presentation on Monday, February 22, 2010. 

My group members are:

For this presentation we have decided to present about FEDERAL TERRITORIES DAY.
This event has been held at Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya & Labuan.
This event have organized by Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin

b)Special Event Critique(s)-2 max(Question no.5)-10pts

i) Observation of my friend wedding event
   This event has been held at Kota Bharu, Kelantan on 10th March 2010.
ii) Observation of Arissa Batrisyia's Aqiqah
    This event has been held at my uncle house at Pendek Kelantan on 14th FEB 2010.

 c) Article Review(s) - 2 max (Question no.6) (10 pts each)
     i) Article about Juara Lagu 2009
        I got this article from The Star Paper, 11th Jan 2010
    ii) Article about Movie Toy Story 3
       I got this article from Mail Online, 20th June 2010.

d) Special Event Master Plan (Question no.4) (30 pts)
For this assignment I have decided to propose a proposal about Manage and Organize Career and Education Fair event to be held in Main Hall Sekolah Menengah Darul Ehsan, Selangor on behalf of Kolej Poly-Tech College. The event will be held on 20th December 2010. The proposal covers the project and timeline, scope of work and responsibilities and professional fees.

e) Plan & Conduct a Special Event (Question no.1) (variable credit)

We have decided to plan an Annual Dinner Event for the final year students. The persons that are involve are students include International Business, Accounting and Computer Science course and lectures final year project. The event date was planned semester 6. I also involved in management for this event. For this event, I get position as committee secretariat and receptionist.

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Doa lepas Solat

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Ingat lagi masa tue br je pindah sekolah DWM, Penang... 
Ustazah zahidah(warden asrama) suroh bimbing adik2.. ala cm fesi la..hihi.. lawak2.. 
Suroh kita tgk adik2 hafal ayat-ayat Al-Mathurat... Sblom jadi tue, akk2 yg nk bimbing kena la hafal dulu Al-Mathurat & Doa lepas solat- tujuannya utk imam dlm asrama..ops, kami asrama laki ngn pmpn lain yek.. klu x mana mungkin pmpn jd imam...
 BETUL TAK??? hihihi

Dalam dok cari bahan utk bt assignment tiba2 tjumpa doa ni... 
Alhamduliah.. Ada jgk yg sudi upload..

Dikesempatan ni aina attcah skali.. sape2 yg bminat leh la copy bt rujukan...

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How to create blog

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Salam... Atas permintaan ramai, aina akan ajar cari2 utk buat blog.. almaklum la kita sume kita buat blog utk subject event kan... aina akan cuba update pe2 yg aina jumpa yg baru..hehehe...

First: Ikut step ni yek

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Baby, I love you so much... It pains me when you are not with me... I cant breath without you my love..
You are my heart,my happiness, my joy,my soul and my life... You are everything to me my sweetheart

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My Love,
You are my one and only.....

We were both young, when I first saw you
I close my eyes and the flashback starts
I’m standing there, on a balcony of summer air

I see the lights, see the party, the ball gowns
I see you make your way through the crowd
You say hello, little did I know…

That you were Romeo, you were throwing pebbles
And my daddy said “stay away from Juliet”
And I was crying on the staircase
Begging you please don’t go…
And I said…

Romeo take me somewhere, we can be alone
I’ll be waiting, all there’s left to do is run
You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess,
It’s a love story, baby, just say yes

So I sneak out to the garden to see you
We keep quiet, because we’re dead if they knew
So close your eyes
Escape this town for a little while
Oh, Ohhh

Cause you were Romeo, I was a scarlet letter,
And my daddy said “stay away from Juliet”
But you were everything to me
I was begging you, please don’t go…
And I said

Romeo take me somewhere, we can be alone
I’ll be waiting, all there’s left to do is run
You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess
It’s a love story, baby, just say yes

Romeo save me, they’re trying to tell me how to feel
This love is difficult, but it’s real
Don’t be afraid, we’ll make it out of this mess
It’s a love story, baby, just say yes
Oh, Ohhh…

I got tired of waiting
Wondering if you were ever coming around
My faith in you was fading
When I met you on the outskirts of town
And I said

Romeo save me, I’ve been feeling so alone
I keep waiting, for you but you never come
Is this in my head, I don’t know what to think
He kneels to the ground and pulled out a ring and said

Marry me Juliet, you’ll never have to be alone
I love you, and that’s all I really know
I talked to your dad-you’ll pick the white dress
It’s a love story, baby just say…yes…
Oh, Ohhh… Oh, Oh, Ohhh…

We were both young when I first saw you.

p/s : we like this song.....

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Salam... Bt mmbr2 kptm bangi yg convo smlm:
1)Ain Ramlan
2) Ashraf Yusof
3) Ijal
4)Ainzzah & d geng

tahniah yek... Jgn lupa masukkan pics dlm friendster @ facebook...

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Bbuka Bsama Teman2 lama

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Wah2 bestnya dpt bbuka ngn bdk2 umah sewa.. Walaupun wanie lmbt, ktorg sanggup tunggu... friendship...hehehehe... Dtg je si wanie 2, mmg riuh la meja ktorg.. gamat dibuatnya...

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Majlis Bbuka Puasa

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Salam... akhirnya selesai jgk majlis... mmg hepi sgt.. dpt jumpa sume...hampir stahun x dpt sume... Mmg meriah.... Ada citer disebalik majlis nie... bmula ngn din n ijan yg mgatakan posa dh bbuka.. padahal blom lg..hehehe.. si ijan sempat minum.. Din plak, x tau la..hehehe... Antara din ngn tuhan sj yg tahu... Setelah sume dh bbuka n dh abis mkn, majlis diriuhkan dgn khadiran amat... die lmbt smpi sbb ada yg bg direction salah... cian kt die... tp mmg riuh bila die dtg...nie gmbr2 yg smpt di ambil.. sume kaki giler posing... jd x sume dpt di upload..hehehe... Bt sahabat2ku,ada masa kita jumpa lg yek... Thanks for kapten... tnpa die mmg majlis x kn bjalan..X lupa jgk pada din, yg byk sokongan...hehehe.. thanks a lot.... tanpa die, mmg majlis x jalan la...Insyaallah, lain kali kita bt lg... Wsalam

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